March 2006

RenWerX Announces Game Name Change + Tech Preview Video!

“For once you have tasted flight, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards...”
Leonardo Da Vinci

Renwerx has revealed that the final release title for its upcoming game will be ‘Ascension’, replacing the previous working title ‘Volitant Assault’. The name Ascension alludes to the freedom of movement afforded by the universal jetpack featured in the game, and also indicates a tangible evolution from past games of the genre.

Ascension is being described as an online ‘FPS+Z’ (First Person Shooter with advanced character movement on the Z axis). FPS+Z games typically use jetpacks to propel players through the air and across extreme terrain in a variety of game-types such as CTF, Rabbit, and Siege. The Renwerx game combines exhilarating freedom of movement with team-oriented gameplay to immerse its players in fantastic new worlds without limits.

Renwerx Project Lead, Nick "Novanix" Daum explains, “Some folks have played games like this in the past, but the vast majority of online gamers are still out there slogging it for miles across boring terrain. These gamers are going to find a liberating new experience thanks to the FPS+Z gameplay in Ascension.”

A new website has been built to accommodate the release at Visitors will find a fresh implementation of game-related content, and regularly updated development news.

In addition to the change of name, the Renwerx Development Team is excited to announce it has reached a major milestone for Ascension. The game has been successfully ported to the brand new Torque Shader Engine (TSE) from Garage Games. To coincide with this milestone, Renwerx has released a Tech Preview Video, which shows off some FPS+Z action from the upcoming release.

Renwerx Level Design Lead, Jesse "Calsa" McKinney enthuses, “TSE gives an incredible look and feel to the game. We’ve been waiting a long time for this, and anyone wondering about the future of online PC games will be stunned by the immersive quality of the worlds crafted in TSE. The TSE is synonymous with exciting gameplay and award-winning netcode. Now that we finally have the engine, our development goals are being reached at a frenetic pace.”

Without any further ado, go check out the Ascension Tech Preview Video, which shows some early progress of the game's development.

Windows Media:

Interested gamers and those wishing to engage in discussion regarding the new game can log onto the game forums at, as well as #renwerx at

Nick "Novanix" Daum
Renwerx Project Lead

October 2005

RenWerX Partner Announcement and Mega Media Release!

RenWerX is happy to announce that many more of your favorite Tribes mod's will be coming to Ascension! RenWerX has recently reached partnership agreements with both Meltdown and Team Aerial Combat (TAC). We are all very excited to have the best mods apart of the upcoming game. Great Terra War (GTW) continues to help with the core game and their exciting mod, expect some previews soon.

Now we understand we have been starving you of media previews for quite awhile, however we hope this will make up for it. RenWerX is launching the website Ascension, the actual website for the upcoming game. To commemorate its launch we have stuffed it to the gills with information and preview images including several never before seen types like concept art, map previews, and more. So head on over to the new website to catch up on everything Volitant.

If you would like to be automatically kept up with our latest news please join our mailing list. In addition we are still recruiting talented people and if you would like to give us a hand please see our jobs page. As always donations are also appreciated(helps cover licensing costs and such:)!

June 2005

RenWerX June Preview Release

RenWerX is happy to announce another media release, the first one since their previous announcement of creating a standalone game:

The release includes a tech demo video showing some of what we have done so far on the game. You can see the video and the other preview materials on our new preview page. In addition we have now code-named our upcoming game Ascension. We encourage you to join our mailing list for update notices or news in the future. In addition we are still accepting donations to raise money for TSE licenses needed down the road, and need more volunteers (especially skinners and Sound FX people) with the jobs listed on our jobs page.

April 2005

RenWerX To Create Complete Game!

RenWerX has announced they will not be working with the Legends team to produce a game (reasons) instead, they will be producing a complete game themselves. RenWerX does plan to make both a Base game and their Renegades mod for it, but needs everyone's help:

We want both Base and Renegades to be formed by the Tribes community, and to do so have put together a custom living design plan for both. If you are interested in making sure the next tribes-like game or Ren mod plays like you want it to, please see our design introduction page.

In addition we plan to keep the Renegades name for our Mod, however need a name for the Base/ the game overall. We have put together a voting / suggestion process on our forums in this thread, and would appreciate anyone interested in contributing doing so.

We still plan to release this game for free, but also we will now be able to release all of our scripts, models, maps etc. for other mods to use too. With our divergence from legends we plan to work with many mods to make sure anything they would like to see in the game engine is in there so they can bring their mods to new levels. If you are interested in more information for modders please see our modding page.

Finally, our team is rounding out nicely, we are at 46 people right now with some amazing talent. We do still have jobs open however, so please see our job listing page if you think you can help. As always for those who want to make a monetary donation we have a donations page and that page also explains how we use donations.

March 2005

Renegades switching to Torque and Legends!

RenWerX announced today that their popular Renegades mod will be switching from TV to the Torque engine. We will be working with the Legends team to establish an amazing base, virtually redoing all the graphics and models that are currently there (along with various other additions), and then expand upon that to form the Next Generation of Renegades. Renegades will be 100% free to download once completed! For those who have questions on our switching, please see our reasons.

This is a huge opportunity for Renegades and Tribes but we need YOUR help! In order to create a professional game we are going to have to expand our 30 person development team to include even more people! Not only are we working on Renegades now but the entire base of the game too. We need everyone from modelers to mappers to managers, see our job listings page and check if you can help us out. If you would rather help with a monetary donation, we finally have put up our donations page, we have various uses for funds now (like license requirements) so all donations are welcome.

All of our current code (18,000+ lines) is now available for download, and our maps are being converted back to base for future release in a map pack (for full details please see our resource release page). When we release our map pack we will also release an bot pack featuring bots for multiplayer including seak and destory by none other than our Calsa! As always feel free to join our mailing list to be notified of anything Renegades related. Finally we will be having a public chat for those who want to talk about things or hear some of what we have planned with the switch. It will be Sunday, March 20th, at 9 EST on channel: #RenWerX you can also join us from our java chat page.

December 2004

RenWerX has released its first preview into the up coming mod Renegades. The preview includes both information and media images and can be seen HERE. In addition RenWerX is hosting a second public chat on Sunday, December 19th, from 8-10pm EST on channel: #RenWerX (if you don't have irc you can join in at Stop on by and share your thoughts with the team about what you would like to see in Renegades and to find out more information (if you can't make it feel free to post your thoughts/questions in our forums)! They would also like to remind the community they still have many job openings, see their site for more details. Finally, make sure you sign up for the Renegades mailing list in order to receive important Renegades information including things about the private beta.

RenWerX is also currently running a TV server called "RenWerX Custom Map Test Server" playing custom maps 24/7, come on in for a good time!

November 2004

RenWerX is moving along with the development of Renegades and has most of the new team together. To see the current development roster click here. In addition we are seaking a few more people to join the RenWerX team, including a Concept Artist and an Animator. For details please click Current Openings. While it will be awhile before we have closed beta make sure you sign up on our mailing list here in order to be notified when we do start seeking beta testers. As always post on our forums any ideas you have for Renegades!

October 2004

RenWerX is looking for experienced scripters/modelers/skinners/mappers etc to join us for the creation of Renegades. Renegades is going to be a total conversion mod due to some limitations in mutators, and so we have decided to go all out. We plan to have new models for all weapons, armors, vehicles etc along with some amazing maps and great deployables. Renegades will be taken to a whole new level and in order to make this happen we are seeking the most talented people. We do have quite a few experts from the community, however we do have a lot of work ahead of us so there are more spots to fill. If you think you would like to join us and would like to work with some of the best experts of the community please contact us!
Our Contact Form:
Aim: novanix1
Icq: 64081817
Irc( Novanix

RenWerX will be holding a public chat this Sunday (17th) at 8pm EST on what Renegades for Tribes Vengeance will be. If you would like some input into the next version of Renegades stop by and tell us what you think. The chat will be held on channel #RenWerX . For those without an IRC client you can go to: and join in from there. Finally RenWerX is looking for another programmer to join our team, if you think you have what it takes click here for more information.


RenWerX is happy to announce the launch of its new site, and formal declaration of the continuance of Renegades for Tribes Vengeance. Our new site not only includes many versions of the official (and non-official for t1) Renegades mods (Tribes |Tribes 2), but we also have a Massive Tribes Vengeance Movie Mirror(over 4GB) up here. We plan to try and make Renegades the best that it can be for TV and in order to do that we will be relying heavily on community input. With TV being very different from Tribes and Tribes 2 there are a lot of decisions to make. Packs have both active and passive functions, and the internal game style has also changed. In addition to having our forum open to talk with us at any time, we plan to have at least one formal public talk about Renegades. This will most likely happen after the open beta has been out for awhile, and will allow us to get your feedback on how you think Renegades should work. You can subscribe to our mailing list here in order to be notified of when the chat will be, and other important RenWerX announcements. Finally we hope to work with many of the former RenWerX developers like EasyTarget, Zed, etc. and some like SGT WQLF have already agreed to give input as to how they feel various aspects of renegades should be. Hopefully with the help of everyone we can create a great mod in a timely fashion!